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Natural Resources and Environment (NRE)

Desertification, environmental degradation and climate change are all factors that make poverty worse. Sound stewardship of natural resources not only ensures food production and security, it also preserves biodiversity as well as a healthy and sustainable environment.

This requires diversified and decentralised solutions for food production, energy conservation, increased use of renewable energy sources and the integration of disaster prevention in humanitarian aid and development programmes.

Various activities are carried out to assist developing countries: contextual and needs analysis is carried out before rural production systems are promoted; funding mechanisms are set up; efforts are made to preserve global public goods.

Specific Competencies

The Natural Resources and Environment Division has thematic and multilateral tools at its disposal to address issues relating to agriculture and rural development, biodiversity, forests, climate change and natural disasters. It is able to leverage its skills, experience and knowledge to help its partners reach their food security and sustainable development goals, in keeping with the objectives set by international environmental conventions.

Priority Focus

The Natural Resources and Environment Division focuses on three of SDC’s priority themes: