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Series of documentaries
«H2O LA LA!» This documentary series, produced with the support of SDC and the Sandoz Family Foundation explores the effects of the global water crisis on different regions and countries around the world, including Bolivia, the Maldives, Andalucía, Peru and Jordan. It also offers several possible leads in the hunt for sustainable solutions to this existential problem.

Series on RTS and TV5 Monde

International Year of Water Cooperation
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Join the Movement.
  • Join the Movement
    Coopération globale dans le domaine de l’eau
    Download (PDF, 2581 KB) [de]   [fr]   [it]  
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Water: Inalienable right – exhaustible resource


Equitable access to water for all is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Hundreds of millions of people are deprived of water, not because it is a rare commodity but because of poverty, social inequality and a lack of political resolve.

The SDC is aware of just how serious this situation is and places the use of water for people and their food security at the centre of its work. Agency activities cover the protection of water sources and their ecosystems, in line with the principles of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) worldwide programme.


Access to water
Water is a common good, and access to it is a human right. Recognising the fundamental and inalienable nature of these two values, the SDC has been basing its work on them for decades. Protecting water sources and ensuring the efficient, non-polluting and sustainable use of water in agriculture are core SDC priorities.

Water for people
The SDC influences national and regional strategies that promote the two mainstays of all socio-economic development: drinking water and sanitation.

Nahrungsmittelproduktion.jpg Water for food security
The SDC emphasises improving farming practices and protecting water-producing ecosystems.

Additional Information and Documents

  • Water Crisis: Switzerland – part of the problem and part of the solution
    Global Brief October 2012
    Download (PDF, 2388 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • Politorbis No 55
    L’eau – ça ne coule pas toujours de source: Complexité des enjeux et diversité des situations
    Download (PDF, 1114 KB) [fr]  
  • Rede Martin Dahinden: Lancierung der Swiss Water Partnership. Bern. 06.09.11
    Download (PDF, 294 KB) [de]  
  • Join the Movement
    Coopération globale dans le domaine de l’eau
    Download (PDF, 2581 KB) [de]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Rede Martin Dahinden: Kooperation der Schweiz im Wasserbereich mit Entwicklungsländern.Bern:22.03.13
    Download (PDF, 45 KB) [de]  
  • Switzerland’s contribution - The achievements of SDC in 2006–2010
    Results in the areas of Health, Employment, Basic and further education, Agriculture, Rule of law and democracy, Water, Humanitarian Aid, Partnering with NGOs
    Download (PDF, 5805 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • The Swiss Water Footprint Report: A global picture of Swiss water dependence
    Switzerland’s water footprint is measured for the first time
    Download (PDF, 4422 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Water and sanitation in Central America
    Latin Brief January 2014
    Download (PDF, 2421 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]   [es]  
  • Un seul monde 1/2010
    Disponible seulement en Suisse
    No. 1/2010 : Eau / Moldavie / Retrait d’une agence de coopération
    Download (PDF, 3919 KB) [de]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Water for peace
    Global Brief March 2014
    Download (PDF, 1682 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • Global Programme Water Initiatives
    Strategic Framework 2013–2017
    Download (PDF, 939 KB) [en]  
  • Report on the Effectiveness of Swiss Development cooperation in the water sector
    Download (PDF, 659 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Water: Success Stories of Swiss Development Cooperation (Video)
    Download [de]   [en]   [fr]  

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