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Swiss Fast Start Financing from Public Sources
Final Report Climat Change
Climate Change: Swiss Fast Start Financing from Public Sources
Download (PDF, 1498 KB): [en]
During the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) of 2009 in Copenhagen and again a year later in Cancun, developed countries agreed to a collective pledge to provide new and additional climate finance amounting to USD 30 billion for the 2010-2012 period, with balanced allocation between mitigation and adaptation. The COP invited developed countries to submit information on the extent and use of their FSF. The final report by SDC, SECO, and FOEN is available.
Annual Report SDC / SECO 2013
Annual Report SDC / SECO 2013
(inculsive Statistics Brochure)
Sustainability conference
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 20–22 June 2012
 Swiss Platform for Rio+20
 Dossier SDC
Climate Change & Environment


The SDC Network of Climate Change & Environment
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Climate change

Climate change and environment

The impact of climate change has no geographical boundaries. It affects everyone, all over the world, and is particularly hard on those who derive their means of subsistence directly from nature. Climate change is one cause of poverty, famine and natural disasters.

This disturbance of the world’s climate is a major challenge for development actors, since it affects poor countries far more than prosperous ones. It is taking an increasingly heavy toll on development, and threatens the progress already made. It is for this reason that climate protection and the management of climate change are a growing preoccupation in the context of development cooperation.

Wald- Landnutzung
Forest and land use
Forest and land use measures have the potential to compensate many times over the current annual worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases by 2030. Such measures have a positive effect on the community, on the availability of water and on the stability of soil for agricultural use, at the same time enabling rural populations to satisfy their basic needs and earn additional income.

Modern energy services and efficient use of energy are an essential precondition for the optimisation of production processes and improvement in the living conditions of people worldwide. The development of renewable sources of energy and the promotion of energy efficiency can make a significant contribution to sustainable development as well as to climate protection.

Verletzlichkeit und Anpassung
Vulnerability & Adaptation
The industrialised nations have the means required to adapt to the impact of climate change. The populations of developing countries on the other hand, who are more vulnerable, often lack the technical, financial and political instruments that would enable them to adapt the way they live to changing environmental conditions.

Glacier Suyuparina, Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru. © Nadine Salzmann
Sustainable development and mountain regions
Mountain regions are home to one fifth of the world's population and the source of fresh water for half of all humanity. As a mountain country, Switzerland is committed to sustainable development of mountain regions throughout the world. The SDC works closely with a number of Swiss and international partners and takes a leading role in global discussions on this subject.

Additional Information and Documents

  • Report on Effectiveness 2014 Swiss International Cooperation in Climate Change 2000 - 2012
    Download (PDF, 4271 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Strategic Framework 2014–2017 SDC Global Programme Climate Change (GPCC)
    Download (PDF, 1081 KB) [en]  
  • The Geneva International Finance Dialogues
    South-Originating Green Finance: Exploring the Potential
    Download (PDF, 1870 KB) [en]  
  • Climat et developpement : Que fait la DDC ?
    Un document de base, 13.01.2008
    Download (PDF, 49 KB) [de]   [fr]  
  • Climate Change: Swiss Fast Start Financing from Public Sources
    Download (PDF, 1498 KB) [en]  
  • Factsheet Global Programme for Climate Change
    Download (PDF, 252 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • New approaches in the vietnamese brick sector - partnerschip results
    Asia Brief - August 2010
    Download (PDF, 2852 KB) [en]  
  • Climate and Development: A Double Dividend
    Review of initial outcomes from the SDC Global Programme on Climate Change
    Download (PDF, 2221 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • Un seul monde
    Disponible seulement en Suisse
    No. 3/2009 : Changement climatique / Mozambique / Croissance de la population / Tanzanie-SIDA
    Download (PDF, 2075 KB) [de]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Factsheet Climat change
    Download (PDF, 1301 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • Santiago de Chile Diesel Particle Filter Program: A model case for cities of emerging countries
    Diesel particle filters for the buses of Santiago de Chile
    Download (PDF, 3019 KB) [en]  
  • Gastkommentar von Martin Dahinden in der NZZ zum Thema "Klimaschutz: Handeln statt nur verhandeln"
    19.August 2011
    Download (PDF, 49 KB) [de]  
  • Rede Martin Dahinden: Green Economy, ZHAW, Winterthur, 15.05.2012
    Download (PDF, 170 KB) [de]  
  • Un seul monde 3/2013
    Disponible seulement en Suisse
    No. 3/2013: États fragiles / Myanmar / Aide humanitaire
    Download (PDF, 5925 KB) [de]   [fr]   [it]  

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