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The themes of the SDC

To ensure the greatest possible effectiveness of its work, the SDC concentrates on selected thematic domains that are particularly crucial for development processes and in which Switzerland has particular expertise thanks to experience gained to date.

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Agriculture and food security
Rural production and service systems and with special emphasis placed on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Climate change
Reduce human induced greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to climate change.

Drinking water for people and sanitation, and water for food and natural balance.

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Management of healthcare systems, control of epidemic diseases, and sexual and reproductive health.

Basic education and vocational training
High-quality formal and informal education systems that provide all populations with broad access to essential knowledge.

Prevention of human trafficking and exploitation, and assistance for refugees and displaced persons in returning home.

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State and Economic Reforms
Strengthening the state in serving citizens, democratisation, fair economic and taxation policies, and respect for human rights .

Engagement in fragile contexts and prevention of violent conflicts
It is estimated that worldwide more than 40 states are beset by violence and conflict, affecting a total population of some 1.5 billion.

Disaster risk reduction, emergency relief and reconstruction
Saving lives and covering the basic needs of victims, and repair damage repaired as quickly as possible.

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Advocacy and Good Governance
Strengthening the rule of law, social justice, the division of powers and economic stability.

Gender Equality
Equal opportunities for men and women in all development processes, for a balanced society.

Private Sector Development and financial services
Promotion of commerce and employment through private sector development, financial sector development and vocational skills development.

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