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After the largest emergency relief operation in its history, the SDC is now involved in several reconstruction projects.
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Website of the Cooperation Office (SDC) Haiti: www.cooperation-suisse.admin.ch/haiti


Swiss development cooperation in Haiti focuses principally on the rule of law and good governance, agriculture and food security, and also on rehabilitation and disaster risk reduction. Switzerland also strives to ensure better coordination among donors and the benefits this brings in terms of effectiveness.

Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America, with around 80% of the population surviving on less than USD 2 per day. The country is regularly beset by natural disasters, such as in 2010 when an earthquake claimed 230,000 lives. The fragility of the country is also tangible at the political level, with elections subject to extended delays, for example. Haiti is heavily reliant on foreign aid.

Swiss development cooperation in Haiti aims to improve living conditions for the poorest members of society and help establish good governance. In geographical terms, SDC activities are concentrated mainly in four departments in the south of the country. In addition Switzerland is striving to ensure better coordination among donors and the benefits this brings in terms of development cooperation effectiveness. 

Swiss International Cooperation 2011
mill. CHF
mill. CHF
mill. CHF
Bilateral development cooperation 5.00 5.43 6.87
Humanitarian aid 8.00 6.47 7.80
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
Economic Cooperation and Development
Total SDC/SECO 13.00 11.90 14.67
Other Federal Offices
FDFA Human Security Division and Directorate of International Law 0.23 0.11 0.11
Total other Federal Offices 0.23 0.11 0.11
Cantons and municipalities 1.11 1.57 ..
Total 14.34 13.58 14.78
SDC figures excluding program contributions to Swiss NGOs
.. = figures not available | – = nil or amount < 5'000 CHF

The rule of law and good governance
Improved basic services and protection of human rights
By investing in infrastructure and capacity-building, Switzerland is supporting the Haitian state in improving basic services across the country. In close cooperation with the public, improvements are being made to drinking-water supplies and sanitary facilities, and protection of natural parks is being enhanced. Switzerland is also strengthening institutions, targeting those that fight for human rights for women and young people, and better prison conditions.

Drinking-water supplies in Artibonite province
In three rural communities Switzerland is supporting the construction and sustainable operation of new drinking-water-supply systems, with the local communities closely involved in the planning and operation. From 2011 to 2013 these projects provided some 20,500 people with access to safe drinking water and sanitary facilities.

Agriculture and food security
Increased income for rural communities
Switzerland supports measures to improve food security. These include raising agricultural production, diversifying the product range and improving storage and marketing of products. In parallel Switzerland is helping to reinforce the capacity of the state to cope with crises and provides targeted food aid when required.

Conservation of the Forêt des pins (pine forest) national park
Farmers in the area around the Forêt des pins national park are discovering new sources of income with Swiss help, for example with the cultivation and selling of thyme. From 2011 to 2013 some 800 families in rural areas were able to increase their agricultural income by about 80%. This reduces their reliance on tree-felling to make ends meet and thereby helps protect the national park. 

Rehabilitation and disaster risk reduction

Infrastructure resistant to storm damage and earthquakes
Switzerland is helping to rehabilitate schools that have been destroyed, making them earthquake- and hurricane-resistant. In developing construction standards and sample layout plans and making them available to the state and other donors, Switzerland also contributes to capacity-building across the whole sector. Switzerland is also providing general support for disaster risk reduction efforts, for example in the areas of risk analysis and preventive measures.

School buildings that offer protection
By the end of 2013 two earthquake- and hurricane-resistant schools had been built with Swiss funding, providing 22 classrooms for 860 pupils. A further two schools will be completed in time for the start of the 2014 school year. The Haitian state has also approved two school prototypes developed by Switzerland, which all actors in this sector will henceforth be able to use.

History of cooperation
From emergency aid to long-term development cooperation
While numerous Swiss charities and aid associations have been active in Haiti since the 1950s and 60s, Switzerland as a nation has been supporting Haiti officially since the late 1990s. In the wake of the devastating earthquake of 2010 Switzerland deployed its biggest emergency aid operation ever and stepped up its humanitarian commitment substantially. Since 2013 Haiti has been a priority country for Swiss development cooperation, where longer-term cooperation is being expanded.

Background information Haiti

Facts and figures

Surface area
Annual population growth rate (since 1990)
Life expectancy at birth women / men
Adult illiteracy rate: women / men
Gross Domestic Product GDP per capita
Percentage of population with less than 2 USD per day
63.3 / 60.9
Source: World Bank's World Development Indicators 2013

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Local SDC contact address:

Haiti (Port-au-Prince)

Ambassade de Suisse
12, Rue Ogé, Place St-Pierre
P.O. Box 15396
HT 6140 Pétion-Ville - Haïti

Phone +509 3701 58 31
Email portauprince@sdc.net
Website www.cooperation-suisse.admin.ch/haiti

Additional Information and Documents

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