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Cooperation Strategy

  • Swiss Cooperation Strategy Republic of Moldova 2014 – 2017
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Animation vidéo

Cette animation vidéo explique au travers du projet mené en République de Moldavie dans le domaine de la santé comment la DDC améliore la vie de personnes de façon durable.


Moldova (Republic)

Website of the Cooperation Office (SDC) Moldova (Republic): www.swiss-cooperation.admin.ch/moldova/

MOLDOVA.GIFSwitzerland has been supporting the Republic of Moldova since 2000, both with humanitarian activities and within the framework of bilateral cooperation. The SDC's Humanitarian Aid programme was discontinued at the end of 2008.

Switzerland supports Moldova in its process of transition, thereby fostering stability, security, prosperity, and solidarity in Europe. The two programme priorities for the next 4 years (2010 – 2013) are healthcare and water.

Swiss International Cooperation 2011
mill. CHF
mill. CHF
mill. CHF
Cooperation with Eastern Europe and CIS 7.26 6.99 9.02
Humanitarian aid 0.03 0.11 0.08
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
Economic Cooperation and Development 0.28
Total SDC/SECO 7.29 7.10 9.38
Other Federal Offices
FDFA Human Security Division and Directorate of International Law 0.08
Federal Office for Migration (FOM) 0.11
State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) 0.06 0.04 0.05
Total other Federal Offices 0.06 0.23 0.05
Cantons and municipalities 0.05 0.36 ..
Total 7.40 7.69 9.43
SDC figures excluding program contributions to Swiss NGOs
.. = figures not available | – = nil or amount < 5'000 CHF

Cooperation with Eastern Europe: Priorities

The programme focuses on two areas:

The two programme priorities are closely linked to one another. Clean drinking water makes an essential contribution to better health in the rural population. In all projects and programmes, however, particular attention is directed at the cross-cutting themes of gender equality and good governance. Finally, by means of its projects, Switzerland fosters exchange with Moldova’s neighbours, thereby strengthening technical know-how and specialized knowledge in the region.


The SDC cooperates with multilateral and bilateral players, with international and local civil society as well as with other private and public institutions, including the World Bank, UNICEF, the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Terre des Hommes Lausanne, Caritas Switzerland, the Swiss Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, HEKS, SOMATO, Health for Youth, the Swiss Tropical and Public-Health Institute, and the Centre for Health Policies and Services.

After achieving impressive results in its nine years of work in Moldova, the SDC's Humanitarian Aid programme there was discontinued at the end of 2008. Its achievements included renovating nursing homes and psychiatric clinics, as well as providing emergency aid and supplying powdered milk to social institutions. Humanitarian Aid also laid the foundation for the SDC water-supply programme in rural areas of the Republic of Moldova which will in future be continued by Bilateral Cooperation. The high esteem which Switzerland’s past achievements have secured it in Moldova will stand its continuing activities there in good stead

Background information Moldova (Republic)

Facts and figures
Surface area
Annual population growth rate (since 1990)
Life expectancy at birth women / men
Adult illiteracy rate: women / men
Gross Domestic Product GDP per capita
Percentage of population with less than 2 USD per day
- 0.1
72.7 / 65.3
2.0 / 1.0
Source: World Bank's World Development Indicators 2012

Background information provided by the BBC

Local SDC contact address:

Moldova (Republic) (Chisinau)

Swiss Cooperation Office in the Republic of Moldova
Embassy of Switzerland
Mateevici Str. 23 B
MD-2009 Chisinau - Republic of Moldova

Phone +373 22 79 69 38
+373 22 79 69 44
Fax +373 22 79 69 35
Email chisinau@sdc.net
Website www.swiss-cooperation.admin.ch/moldova/

Additional Information and Documents

Here, you will find more publications, links, documents and articles about Swiss development cooperation and humanitarian aid in this country.