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Education for Roma: the Key to Integration


Over the last twenty years, Eastern Europe has become more peaceful, more stable, and more diverse. The reforms that have taken place in the market economy and on the political scene have improved the future outlook of many citizens. However, among those who have not been able to draw any benefit from these developments, we find the ethnic minorities, in particular the Roma, owing to their insufficient level of integration. In fact, in recent years, their situation has become even worse. Many Roma have no access to educational offerings. Various programmes being implemented by the SDC strive to rectify this state of affairs.

This thematic dossier contains:
 The challenge and background information
 SDC's contribution to the Roma
 Roma portraits

Of current interest


Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005 - 2015
Hope, thanks to the “Decade of Roma Inclusion” in Eastern Europe
In 2005, the governments of Central and South-Eastern Europe declared their political commitment to combating the discrimination of Roma. Their desire was to engage themselves in the fight against poverty and the social exclusion of Roma. The “Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005–2015” is an international initiative that brings governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and civil-society associations together around the same table. The Initiative has defined four priority areas for a commitment in favor of Roma, i.e., education, jobs, health, and housing.



Illustrated book
Roma Realities
This book offers a visual complement to the numerous studies on Roma integration by approaching a burning social and political issue from a human and consciously subjective angle. It documents the challenges of Roma access to crucial areas such as education, health, housing and employment. Examples of inclusion are contrasted with scenes of exclusion and social marginalization.

Roma Realities
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